6 Sessions. Feel the Difference.

Slow Movements. Fast Results.

Take Pilates and strength training and crank it up on a state-of-the-art machine for
50 minutes of calorie burning, muscle quivering, total body conditioning.


“Jazmin’s routine are hard but fun, the transitions are smooth and quick which allow the workout to be more effective. She’s also very encouraging”



“Beth describes the layout of class so we know what to expect. I love how we can adapt to our ability & take challenges as needed. Thank you for making me stronger and creating a fun community!”


Testimonial 3

“Since I started at S6 several years ago, I’ve never missed a round of golf due to injury. The instructors are all great!”


Testimonial 4

“Terri is awesome! She puts together a really effective workout! Her cues are spot on, her tips very helpful, and she is so encouraging!”


“The S6 classes were hard but after only a few classes I could tell I was gaining core strength & moving better when playing soccer & basketball. I now play soccer & basketball 3 times a week and my back issues have gone away.”


“April is exceptional. Love her energy and guidance on how to push yourself. She is so helpful on proper positions as well as adjustments for me.”


“I love the classes, instructors/staff, new friends I have made along the way and the new found strength the workouts have provided to me. S6 is my perfect place to de-stress, keep my body in shape, build muscle, and breathe!”


“The sense of community at this studio is truly inspiring. The supportive and positive atmosphere makes each session not just a workout, but a shared experience of growth and achievement.”


“Pam is great. Her knowledge of the kinetic chain and why we do the various exercises helps to make sense of why form is key.”


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Shine Bright like a DIAMOND! 💎 ✨ The super STRONG Lindsey Park took her very first class with us back in September 2014 and today we celebrated her 1,000th class at Studio 6 Fitness! Welcome to the Diamond Club, Lindsey!  Your hard work, strength and dedication is SO inspiring to all of us and we are so PROUD of you!! 💚 Grateful for your contributions to clients, staff and S6 community!

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✨SPOTLIGHT SATURDAY✨ featuring super strong Hannah Drost 💪💚 
I was born in Dallas, Texas and raised in Lake Charles, Louisiana while visiting Dallas often for family and friends!
💚What brought you to Studio 6
My first year as an art teacher in Dallas, in 2018, I was overworked and depressed and not happy with how I was taking care of myself. I found Studio 6 Park Lane and it gave me a refresh of self confidence and happiness! It gave me something to look forward to. 
💚Home Studio?
💚Favorite S6 move?
Elevator Lunge because it really challenges me in stability and strength!
💚What keeps you motivated in class?
A solid playlist, when the instructor does a countdown for moves, and Quyen because she is awesome! 
💚Hobbies outside of Studio 6?
My husband calls me a jack of all trades. I do freelance photography and art, mainly! But I enjoy cooking new recipes from scratch with my husband, reading memoirs, taking our Giant Schnauzer on walks, surfing, hiking, gardening, researching interior design/architecture, I am currently learning German, French, & Spanish, and my husband and I build our own furniture sometimes!  
💚Motto you live by?
“Everything happens for a reason.”
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Proud of our strong S6 community to show up and walk for peace and against hate.  We are stronger together💚. #prayforpeace🕊️ #walkagainsthatedallas #rainorshine💪🏻 #fighthateforgood

500 classes strong! ⭐️ Cathy Muller took her first class with us in 2020, and now we’re celebrating her 500th class 🎉💪 Congratulations and welcome to Century Club Gold, Cathy! We are so PROUD of you and all of your hard work! 💚 We can’t wait to see you at 1000! 

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500 classes strong! ⭐️ Nancy Lane took her first class with us in 2018, and now we’re celebrating her 500th class 🎉💪 Congratulations and welcome to Century Club Gold, Nancy! We are so PROUD of you and all of your hard work! You are such a valued member of our team & our S6 community!💚 We can’t wait to see you at 1000! 

#fitness #fitnesslife #fit #fitnessgoals #lagree #dallas #dallastexas #dallasfitness #pilates #pilateslovers #dfwpilates #dallaspilates #studio6fitness #s6pilates

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