6 Sessions. Feel the Difference.

Stronger Together

Take Pilates and strength training and crank it up on a state-of-the-art machine for
50 minutes of calorie burning, muscle quivering, total body conditioning.


“Jazmin’s routine are hard but fun, the transitions are smooth and quick which allow the workout to be more effective. She’s also very encouraging”



“Beth describes the layout of class so we know what to expect. I love how we can adapt to our ability & take challenges as needed. Thank you for making me stronger and creating a fun community!”


Testimonial 3

“Since I started at S6 several years ago, I’ve never missed a round of golf due to injury. The instructors are all great!”


Testimonial 4

“Terri is awesome! She puts together a really effective workout! Her cues are spot on, her tips very helpful, and she is so encouraging!”


“The S6 classes were hard but after only a few classes I could tell I was gaining core strength & moving better when playing soccer & basketball. I now play soccer & basketball 3 times a week and my back issues have gone away.”


“April is exceptional. Love her energy and guidance on how to push yourself. She is so helpful on proper positions as well as adjustments for me.”


“I love the classes, instructors/staff, new friends I have made along the way and the new found strength the workouts have provided to me. S6 is my perfect place to de-stress, keep my body in shape, build muscle, and breathe!”


“The sense of community at this studio is truly inspiring. The supportive and positive atmosphere makes each session not just a workout, but a shared experience of growth and achievement.”


“Pam is great. Her knowledge of the kinetic chain and why we do the various exercises helps to make sense of why form is key.”


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🌟 Tuesday Testimonial 🌟

Need someone to have your back❓ We’ve got you‼️ 📐 

💚 Our certified trainers can help you modify or intensify for your individual needs! Try us for a low impact, total body, high intensity workout that’ll leave you stronger❕ 💪 

We’re grateful for our Studio 6 community! If you’re interested in experiencing what makes our studios ➕ the workout so incredible, stop by one of our 4 locations or visit us online at:

💻 studio6fitness.com 
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Happy Earth Day! 🌎 
The Earth is what we all have in common, so let’s take care of it 👏
Share below whatyou are doing today to help our planet! 🌱 🌎 ♻️ Let’s show our planet some love today and everyday.

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✨💚 S6 Friday Motivation with a quote 🎤 from Taylor Swift⭐️✨ “take pride in being STRONG!” Let’s start the weekend listening to TTPD - The Tortured Poets Dept and grow stronger together💚. Cheers to all our S6 Swifties✨💚. #bestrong #strongertogether #getreadyforthis #S6Swiftie #ttpd #taylorswift #pilatesisforeveryone #studio6fitness #strongertogether #smallbusiness #pilateslife #s6pilates💚

🎉🤩🎉 Congrats to our S6 Rockstar, Terri Fishman 👏🏻. Terri is recognized and celebrated for training 10,000+ S6 clients!  To teach is a gift, to teach 10,000 is to master that gift.  We are so grateful and proud to have her experience and passion at S6.  Very proud to honor Terri with the coveted S6 💎 Diamond award for instructors teaching 10,000 clients.  Terri first came to S6 in Oct 2012 when the studio just opened.  Having played tennis with the owner,  Terri tried S6 pilates to support a friend and the Preston Hollow community.  Soon after, she recruited her entire family, daughters, husband, sisters and niece to join her for pilates.  Pilates is for everyone!  After being a devoted client, Terri decided to join the S6 Family officially and went through teacher training in 2020, and despite the pandemic she was certified virtually to become an instructor.  Terri is a beloved instructor by staff and clients.  She teaches every specialty class and has taught and subbed at all four studios!  We are so proud to recognize Terri for her hardwork, dedication and passion to support our S6 Team and community.  Congrats @pilatesand_peaceofmind Thank you for all you do.  #strongertogether💚 #studio6fitness #s6family #10000stronger💎 #joblove #pilates #S6pilates+ #teamworkmakesdreamwork💚✨

🌟 Tuesday Testimonial is back 🌟

Small Group Classes = Strong Group Community 💚 With a limited number of machines at each studio you’ll never be lost in the crowd. Our small classes allow you to customize each move to modify or amplify safely! Still not sure if a group is right for you❔We offer an introductory private lesson for $75

We’re grateful for our S6 community! If you’re interested in experiencing what makes our studios so incredible, stop by one of our 4 locations or visit us online at:

💻 studio6fitness.com
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