Create a profile on our website and reserve a spot in one of the classes. Studio 6 Fitness offers group classes from early in the morning into the evening. Private instruction also available. 

• Grip socks. Required for all classes. They provide traction to maximize stability and safety during the workout. Available for purchase in studio.

• Water. We encourage you to bring a water bottle to have next to you during class. We have water fountains and bottled water available for purchase.

• Towel. Slow movements don’t mean you won’t sweat.

• Comfortable Clothes. Be comfortable but don’t wear anything that could get caught in the springs or other parts of the machine.

• Attitude. Bringing a great attitude will give you the motivation to push through to new levels of strength, flexibility, endurance, and balance.

Arrive to your first class at least 10 minutes early. Check in and sign a waiver. Ask a S6 team member to get you acquainted with our studio and equipment. This is a great time to ask questions. Shop our great selection of fitness gear, fashion, and accessories too!

We have cubbies for your shoes, keys, phone, and other personal items. Grab your towel and water and pick a machine. Let the instructor know that you are new so they can keep an eye on you and give some helpful cues. Arriving early will give the instructor enough time to give you an introduction to the equipment. 

Classes are 50-minutes and incorporate 20-25 high intensity, low-impact movements designed to push your muscles to the point of fatigue. Our workouts build long lean muscle that continues to burn fat long after your workout is complete. Movements are controlled and transitions are quick to keep your heart rate up. Our workouts are designed to incorporate 6 essential elements for total body wellness: core, strength, balance, flexibility, endurance, and spirit.

The last part of class is a time to stretch out your muscles. You’ll reset the handles, springs, and use a cleaning wipe to prepare the equipment for the next class.

You may experience muscle soreness over the next several days. You may even find muscles that you didn’t know you had will be sore, but it’s a good thing – we promise! 

You are working your body to the point of fatigue so give it a few days to rebuild and then get back in the studio with us. Clients who come 2-3 times a week see great results in only a couple of weeks. You know your body best, and we are here to help you get everything you want from your Studio 6 Fitness workouts.