Tom Edgar

Tom’s been teaching software for over 20 years. After decades of sitting behind a computer screen with zero physical activity, Tom had his fitness awakening in 2014. As a late bloomer, once he started moving, he quickly dropped 40 pounds and has been an avid fitness enthusiast ever since. With long walks, daily cardio, and weights, he transformed himself in his 50s! Yoga turned out to be something Tom excelled at and within a year, found himself being asked to be a substitute instructor. Helping fellow yogis through tough routines and hit the poses with correct form, he found helping students reach physical goals as rewarding as communicating tough ideas to students in the classroom. In 2016, Tom discovered the Megaformer™ and was immediately addicted. Yoga got pushed way back so there was more time to focus on the Megaformer and the Lagree method. He could not be more enthusiastic about becoming a Studio 6 Instructor!