Steve Vigilante

Steve has been very active in sports all his life. He went to college on a Diving scholarship to University of Maryland, and qualified for NCAA’s. After his career as a diver & graduate school, he needed something more to stay in shape. He tried lifting, running, yoga, cross-fit, etc., where he either didn’t like the workout, or was not getting results. After taking his first Lagree class at Studio 6 in 2015, he was immediately hooked. Even more impressive, he reached Century Club status in just 100 days. That’s right, 100 classes in 100 days! Steve’s favorite aspects about teaching at Studio 6 are the high intensity workout, loud fun music, and big energy. He aims to make each class challenging and fun with a focus on form and pace. Also, he loves watching people push themselves to get stronger. Some of his favorite moves are Spider Kick, French Twist, 5th Lunge, Super Crunch, Cobra, Mermaid, Arms (all the arms!), Super Lunge, Bear, Wheelbarrow! When Steve is not teaching take a look