John Spencer

John has a diverse background in sports & fitness. Growing up in Plano, he played every sport he could get his hands on: soccer, basketball, football, track and field, racquetball, golf, cycling, and volleyball. Beyond team sports, pushing his fitness started with entering his first marathon at the age of 12 to see if he could finish, and then onto triathlons. His focus has shifted to longevity, physical wellness, strength, and balance with the occasional race or tournament. Regardless of the outcomes, John lives his life passionately. Wanting to spend more quality time with his wife, Audra brought John to Studio 6, but the Lagree method has altered his fitness journey since then. Not to mention an additional 15 yards on his golf drives and running pain-free for the first time in 12 years. His connection with what Studio 6 stands for, instructors, clients, and a desire to cheer, share, encourage, inspire, and teach, has led to John becoming a Studio 6 instructor.