Erica Kimble

Erica, a Texas Panhandle native, grew up as an athlete competing in tennis and cheer throughout high school. After graduating the University of Texas at Arlington with a B.S. in nursing, she started her career in intensive care and then recovery room. After her two children were born, Erica retired from nursing to focus on family. During this time, she tried many different gyms, methods and classes, and in 2018 discovered Studio 6 during a stop at Starbucks next door. The 6 Core Values grabbed her attention immediately, and soon she was hooked! In 2019 she required surgery to repair two collapsed cervical vertebrae, but Studio 6 and the Lagree method helped her recover and become her strongest self. She has encouraged her husband and daughter to become consistent Studio 6 clients, and her daughter is now a part-time employee and plans to become a trainer one day. In her free time she plays tennis and cheers on the Dallas Mavericks. Her favorite Mega moves are Reverse Bear and French Tw