Ana Matsumoto

Ana, is what you would call a fitness fanatic, from her 20 years of dancing, 3 of those being professional, to her extensive studies of kinesiology, she loves all things fitness.  Dancing was Ana’s main focus for many years and her love for movement transferred to a love of the Megaformer about 5 years ago. She loves the way the Megaformer lengthens and tones the body without any impact on the joints. Ana says, “this is the hardest core work out of anything she has tried in fitness.”  Ana is a Senior Trainer and teaches many formats: MegaPilates, MegaLite, Mega Barre Burn, Mega Abs & Arms, Mega Buns & Guns, and Mega CardioSculpt!  When she’s not on the Megaformer, she enjoys a good workout with her husband or traveling!