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Clint Lofman

I started Studio 6 in March 2016. At that time, my Percentage Body Fat (“PBF”) was in excess of 24%.  I quickly got into a routine of 2-3 Pilates workouts per week. One year later I joined the Century Club at Studio 6 and my PBF was tested that month at 14.8%; a 38% reduction.  I am now well over half-way to the “500 workouts” mark at Studio 6 and my PBF was 13.4% less than a month ago; a 44% reduction with no weight loss and in just two years.  In the past 2-years at Studio 6: my weight is up only 0.8%; my Lean Body Mass has increased 9.4%; and my Body Fat Mass has decreased 33.3%.  I turn 61 years old in September of this year and feel better than I have in over 20 years thanks to the great non-impact workouts at Studio 6.  I would encourage any man looking to achieve some significant redistribution of their weight without experiencing the negative consequences of a high-impact workout the to give Studio 6 a try.


Elizabeth Lemoine

I had three back surgeries in 2017, including a fusion. Studio 6 Fitness has been transformative in my recovery. I am stronger and pain free!  In fact, I’m as strong as I was when I lifted 5x a week pre-surgery - and without the aches and pains. I have finally found a workout that I can do for the long term!


Lola Canteli

I started working out at Studio 6 Fitness Preston Hollow in September of 2017 and right away I started seeing changes in the way I felt and looked. I have always worked out at the gym but never saw results as quickly and profound as I saw with Studio 6. Even though I have 3 cervical herniated discs and have always felt pain and suffered from headaches, I have noticed that by strengthening my core and working out on the Megaformer, I have not had any headaches in the last couple of is amazing! I am totally addicted to the Lagree method and the trainers and staff at Preston Hollow are one the reasons I keep coming back... they are very professional, knowledgeable and very helpful.

 Michelle Tate - Testimonial - 12  

Michelle Tate

Studio 6 Megaformer Pilates is one of the best workouts that I’ve ever done. It really works body muscles that you’re not used to working out so it really makes an impact. It’s also fun that my whole family (parents and brother) and friends have come to classes with me and love it. Great workout for anyone!

 12.6.17 Tim Tate_copy1  

Tim Tate

Like most guys, my form of exercise has been lifting weights. However, since taking Megaformer Pilates at Studio 6, my muscles have developed so my body operates more as a single unit instead of isolated muscle groups produced by weight lifting. Pilates incorporates your entire body, and since it is core centric your real world strength is increased significantly. If I was forced to pick only one workout to do, I would choose the Megaformer workout.

 Quyen Tate - Testimonial - 12  

Quyen Tate

I have been working out at Studio 6 since the Plano location opened in March 2017, and I am "addicted" to the Lagree Megaformer workout and even have a Studio 6 tank top that says, "i have an addiction." I love this workout because it's the most effective to tone and sculpt the body; it has given me the long, lean muscles that I've constantly heard the instructors emphasized would be the result if we made our movements slow and controlled. I've always been active and exercised, but the Megaformer is definitely my favorite workout. What I also love most about Studio 6 is that my whole family (husband, daughter, and son) also enjoy working out there with me, so it's great to spend time together and get the benefit of staying fit. Lastly, everyone at Studio 6 is wonderful - from the engaged owner, to the top-notch instructors, to the friendly front-desk staff - so making new friends with these people and other clients has been an added bonus. Studio 6 has created a wonderful fitness community of which I'm so glad to be a part.

 Maddie Fynes - Testimonial - 12  

Maddie Fynes

I started going to Studio 6 in 2014 and since it has allowed to me become double the athlete I was before. I have since been on two varsity teams and have earned two state championships. Megaformer works all of the muscles needed to be the best well rounded player on the field and allows me to work out on my rest days without adding stress to my body./p>

 Jackie Glazer - Testimonial 2 - 12  

Jackie Glazer

I have been coming to Studio 6 for quite a few years now. Not only do I absolutely love the workout, but this is something that has brought my family closer together. My mom, my twin sister (who has become a Studio 6 instructor!), and I take classes together every week. No matter how hectic life gets, we always take the time to meet up to get in a good workout and some quality family time. Thank you to Studio 6 for ensuring that we are healthy, active, and MEGAstrong group of girls. These three century club members love you!

 Nancy Coblenz - Testimonial - 12.17  

Nancy Coblenz

The Lagree method of Pilates has given me more flexibility, strength and I lost 20 pounds!! As a retired pro boxer, Studio 6 has transformed my body, strength and confidence!

 Cheryl Suarez - Testimonial - 12.17  

Cheryl Suarez

I tried what I thought was a “Pilates” class over 2 years ago and little did I know that I would quickly fall in love with the Megaformer, Lagree method, and Studio 6! What I found as one of the best benefits was the ability to work all my major muscle groups without causing undo pressure on my knees or other joints... and all within 50 minutes with the best trainers in Dallas and great music. Studio 6 has lived up to its 6 core principles and more... my balance, strength and spirit have never been better!

 Annie Tam - Testimonial - 12  

Annie Tam

I have enjoyed being able to work out throughout my entire pregnancy with Studio 6! It has allowed me to feel strong and encouraged the whole time. They were so helpful with pregnancy modifications and always cheered me on. I absolutely love Studio 6 and the confidence it has given me these past 9 months!

 Arlene Glazer - Testimonial - 12  

Arlene Glazer

When I started this journey in 2014, I was one year post hip replacement. I have always worked out and had even been taking private lessons with the traditional Joseph Pilates reformer. I also took other classes like weights, Zumba and did my own thing on the elliptical, curve and treadmill. I felt fine but didn’t see the results I thought I would have with all that exercise. Fast forward to now, Dcember 2017 and I have lost 2 inches on my hips and one inch each on both my right and left thigh, all of which have always been my pain points! In addition I lost over the 15 pounds I gained when I quit smoking. I am leaner, stronger and in the best physical shape I have ever been in. In addition to an amazing workout, where you really do see and feel the results of your work, the studios are inviting and clean, the instructors are the best in the business and as a retailer I can tell you the product is fabulous!! There is truly not a better Pilates Studio in town!!

 Peggy and Bobbi Jo_copy  

Peggy Hawkins

I have been a member of Studio 6 Fitness for 3 years and 3 months and just recently completed my 500th class. Exercise has always been a part of my daily routine. I have participated in traditional Pilates, Yoga, dance, aerobics and step classes, weight training, running, outside biking and now the Megaformer. In my opinion, training on the megaformer 3x a week has had the greatest positive impact on my body; my legs, and abdominal muscles are much stronger now and the left and right sides of my body are equally balanced. Each session incorporates different exercises that are purposefully planned and explained by the instructor. Thank you Elizabeth for opening the studio and to all the wonderful instructors who help each of us increase our fitness levels.


Kathryn Sargent

I took my first pilates class on 9/20/12 at the newly-opened Studio 6 at Preston and Forest. Pilates was one of the few workouts I had not tried in my 41 year search for a program that would help me flatten my abdomen, give me guns to be proud of, firm and shape my legs and strengthen my aging body. Five years and 749 classes later (and two months shy of my 68th birthday) not only am I stronger and more fit, but confident enough to pose in a swimsuit. 

PS. My husband wants to thank Elizabeth and her team of amazing instructors for giving him his "trophy wife".


Laurie Judson

Studio 6 Fitness is the best workout I’ve ever done – and I’ve tried many different kinds. From personal training and group workouts to yoga and barre to even dance! I feel more fit and stronger than ever. But, my favorite part of working out at Studio 6 is the friendships I have made from reconnecting with some old friends to making brand new ones. I love my Saturday morning 8am class with Annie. Then we meet on the couches to catch up with Alan, Katie, Kristina and Gianna. What a great way to start the weekend!

Chelsea Moskowitz  

Chelsea Moskowitz

I do a lot of strength and conditioning in my training, but for some reason I just was not getting the results I wanted in my body. On a whim I decided to try pilates for the first time this past June. And I absolutely fell in love. Not only have I seen a change in my body, which I was looking for, but my performance as an athlete has improved tremendously! I feel stronger than ever and now I’m hooked on Studio 6 Fitness!

Chris Roberts  

Chris Roberts

As a professional basketball player it is obviously important that I stay in shape during the off season. Normally I will lift weights or run to stay ready. Pilates was never something I considered doing because I thought it was basically stretching on a machine. I was introduced to Studio 6 this summer and quickly learned how much more there is to Pilates. I can honestly say it is one of the most difficult, yet effective workouts I have ever done. I leave the studio feeling stronger, healthier, and more flexible after every workout. The instructors are really encouraging and so knowledgeable about how to help your body reach its potential. They have helped me overcome injuries and really set me up for success this upcoming season overseas.

Ali Stasnopolis  

Ali Stasnopolis

I am so impressed with how much Megaformer pilates has changed both my performance in spin class and my overall strength and physique. After taking one class, I already saw the improvement in my speed and strength work on the bike; it was unbelievable! Also, my abs were sore for four days after I took the class, which just goes to show how effective these classes are. Studio 6 is an amazing studio with friendly instructors and fun classes for all levels; honestly, I didn't even feel like I was working out (like how it feels in a gym). This is definitely the place to supplement the strength training aspect of your workout routine and it fits alongside perfectly with any type of cardio based training or sport you play. I honestly cannot believe it took me 24 years to try it and now I'm hooked for life.

10.24.16 Jill Kreutz  

Jill Kreutz

I found Studio 6 by mistake and now I am addicted.  Elizabeth is a big supporter of the local schools and Studio 6 was giving my daughter’s school a gift certificate for us to auction at our yearly Gala,  I was the person picking up the donations.  So,  when I walked in I was curious and asked the person at the front desk about the work out.   I had been into some form of fitness for years, mainly weights, trainers and spin classes.   All those things are great, but I had plateaued and was not seeing results.  So, I had lost my love of working out, got busy with work and life and fell out of my exercise routine.  In a year, I had gained 20 pounds of unwanted weight and on woman of 5’3, it shows.   The girl at the front desk asked me if I’d like to come in and try a class, she offered me one free class to try it and see if I liked it.    I tried a class and could not walk for a week, but I did sign up for the introductory 6 classes and thought, why not … I’ll try it.   The next week I went two days and it was manageable.  By 3 months into it and going 3-4 days a week, I had lost weight and saw a significant difference in my body…my arms, my abs…MY BOOTY.   I’m now a year and a half into my addiction, a “Century Member,” total body transformation and in better shape in my 40’s than I was in my 20’s.  After my friends seeing my results I’ve had several of them join Studio 6 and they all love it too.  The classes never get easier, thanks to the amazing instructors keeping it challenging, but I have gotten much stronger and leaner.   This is a work out you can do at ANY age, it will last you a lifetime, it’s low impact and the work outs can be adjusted to your abilities.   The instructors are skilled and can help you if you’ve been injured, if you are new, pregnant or if you are older and have limits to your movements.  It doesn’t matter, it works for men, women, old and young.  I encourage anyone that’s looking for a long-term solution to a great work out and a healthy and strong body to give Studio 6 a try.  You will also become a Pilates addict.  

Alan, Studio 6 Fitness Client  


After being immersed in athletics and team sports for my entire life, I was finally forced into an “early retirement” due to nagging injuries, aches and pains.  For about a year, I tried to find something to help replace the fun, exercise, challenge, and camaraderie of the basketball and softball leagues that I was really missing.  Treadmill, elliptical, weight training and running had always been boring to me - and it continued to be.  I could never get into a consistent routine. My wife, Susan, introduced me to Studio 6 Fitness one early fall morning by signing me up for a Mega PILATES class.  It seemed interesting and different, but I thought completely out of my comfort zone. I expected it to be one and done.  At the end of the class, as uncoordinated as I felt, and as hard as I had to work to do some of the movements, I actually wanted to try it again.

I have now been trying it again and again for about nine months, and it has been great for me.  I am in better shape now than at any time during the last 25 years of basketball and softball.  I truly believe that I would still be playing, if this had been available years ago.  Not only would it have helped prevent some injuries, but I know that I would have been a better player, feeling stronger and more flexible. I think the reason that I like this workout so much is that it is a challenge that feels like a 50 minute game.  I always tried to turn elliptical or treadmill or cycling into a game, but was basically limited in variations.  Megaformer Pilates has so many twists and turns and new movements all the time, that I am constantly reinventing my own game.  Plus, we are led by some amazing instructors that coach every second of the 50 minute game.  The 14 “teammates” that work out together in each class are a great part of the experience too.

I encourage any guys out there to give it a try.  If you are young and play sports, I promise it will make you a better player.  If you are in your 30’s and 40’s, it will keep you playing longer or feeling healthier.  And if you are “old” like me, it makes babysitting and chasing my 18 month old granddaughter around the house a breeze.

Alma Nachawati, Studio 6 Fitness Client  

Alma Nachawati

My experience has been so valuable at Studio 6 Fitness. I am gaining more strength and flexibility. My body’s shape has transformed. The well-trained and professional instructors have taught me all the basics of the Megaformer and encouraged me every step of the way. The comments I have received regarding my improved appearance, demeanor, and overall well-being have been remarkable. Particularly as I have gotten older i feel and look better now than I ever did in my 20′s - and I'm in my 30's! Elizabeth and her staff are consummate professionals but most importantly, caring individuals who make a difference in the lives of their clients. Do I recommend Studio 6 Fitness? Absolutely!

Arlene Glazer, Studio 6 Fitness Client  

Arlene Glazer

I have been coming to Studio 6 Fitness for a little over a year. Prior to starting, I had a hip replacement surgery. I have since lost 15 lbs and feel much stronger and toned. Plus, my hip feels amazing! I love the instructors and the workouts. I have worked in customer service my entire life, so I am very picky when it comes to service, but Studio 6 Fitness has been incredible. I would recommend the studio because it is a wonderful workout program that does not compromise your body the way other intense workouts will. It is easy on the joints.

Brandi Garrett, Studio 6 Fitness Client  

Brandi Garrett

As a former college cheerleader, my body has endured many injuries. I needed a workout that was challenging, yet easy on the joints. Everyone at Studio 6 Fitness is awesome! The environment is warm and inviting. Compared to other studios, the atmosphere is definitely the best. You get such a great workout in the best environment with the most amazing instructors. The workout tones and strengthens your body while increasing your flexibility.

Brenda Saldana, Studio 6 Fitness Client  

Brenda Saldana

The studio made my transition of getting back into exercising easy and pleasant. I had not exercised in years, and doing pilates has been challenging and rewarding at the same time. I feel stronger and have started running again. The instructors, size and location are the best parts. It's the best way to get back in shape. The 50 minute workouts are challenging, and that makes all the difference in less than an hour.

Clay Berry, Studio 6 Fitness Client  

Clay Berry

Thank you for offering Pilates and other services to the Dallas area. As you know, my wife urged me to try out Pilates on the megaformer and I am now an addict. This is a great 50 minute workout for guys that will build muscle, flexibility, and improved balance in a short amount of time. Added benefit is better golf!!!!!

David O’Connor, Studio 6 Fitness Client  

David O’Connor

Pilates?? What is that? For our anniversary date?? Well, that was my initial response to my wife to what became reverence for those who challenge themselves to this workout/philosophy. I have to admit that I wasn’t the most enthused person on Forest Lane at 5:45AM, but having given this style workout (or any workout, for that matter) a legit shot, I came to realize why people appreciate the workout, the studio and the instructors. Now, I find myself popping out of bed at 5:30 to get there a little early to stretch. If you are serious about getting in shape or staying in shape using a low impact philosophy that makes you feel like a tank after 30 days, then I would give Studio 6 a shot for 50 minutes/day for 3-4 days/week for 4 weeks. After this time commitment, you will have come to appreciate what I have found to be the best 50 minute workout in the marketplace.

Erica Zilbermann, Studio 6 Fitness Client  

Erica Zilbermann

This workout has benefited me in every way possible! I could go on and on about my confidence boost, feeling more comfortable in my body, my huge increase in strength and posture. Elizabeth is the most welcoming and accommodating owner. All the trainers are fantastic and extremely encouraging. My body is toning up, and I am losing weight! I have never found a workout where you see and feel such big results so quickly! I hate it, but I LOVE it! I am a complete Studio 6 Fitness devotee!

Gabriel Cristerna, Studio 6 Fitness Client  

Gabriel Cristerna

I have had lower back pain for over two years. With this workout, my core has been strengthened to a new level. After only 30 classes, the back pain is the lowest level in all this time. My body also looks 10 years younger,  and I'm about to have a 6 pack again! I love the workout and the friendliness of the staff.  Special mention to Sarah and Benson. This workout has changed the way I think about exercise and now I cannot see myself without a week of Mega PILATES.

Gianna Glaesman, Studio 6 Fitness Client  

Gianna Glaesman

The workout makes me feel stronger and have made new STRONG women friends. My favorite things about the studio are the trainers and Elizabeth.

Jana Rupnow, Studio 6 Fitness Client  

Jana Rupnow

I started taking Pilates about 4 weeks ago, and I can already see a difference in my arms, especially shoulders and bicep definition. I also have a very weak core, which Pilates has helped me target better than any other exercise regimen. I have done more than 7 years of kickboxing and three years of yoga! It’s HARD, but it’s WORTH IT!

Jane & Bill Steadman, Studio 6 Fitness Clients  

Jane & Bill Steadman

In what way has the workout benefited you?

Jane: From a physical standpoint, I’m much stronger and more flexible. It has also helped me mentally- I love knowing that I am doing something that is not only improving my quality of life now but in the future when I have grandchildren. I plan to be a grandmother who is young and cool (relatively speaking!) and can’t do it without these workouts. Bill: The stretching has loosened my lower back which has relieved a lot of the back pain.

What do you like best about the studio?

Jane: I love the friendliness of the staff. Elizabeth, the owner, always acts like she’s so happy we’re there. The two instructors we see the most, Ryan and April, know us by name. Having this personal touch really makes us happy to be there each time and always wanting to come back. From a physical standpoint, I’ve worked out on and off my entire adult life and this is the best workout I’ve ever had. It’s full body and you get it done in only 50 minutes which I LOVE. When you leave, you know for sure the time you just invested was well spent. I also love the fact that each class is different. The Megaformer has over 200 exercises apparently and the instructors are great at changing things up so you never know what you’re going to get; unlike some workouts I’ve done in the past that you could eventually do in your sleep. Bill: The workouts are hard and rewarding.

Why would you recommend Studio 6 Fitness to a friend or family?

Jane: I would definitely recommend this to anyone I know because of the friendliness of the staff, the awesome instructors and the fact that they will get a full body workout in only 50 minutes that will be challenging, yet fun! Bill: Absolutely and have already!!


Janice Luz, Founder of BodyRio Clothing  

Janice Luz - Founder of BodyRio Clothing

I never considered trying Pilates until I met Elizabeth. I am completely hooked now. In just a month, I feel more toned and stronger than when I used to lift weights. What I like most is that it has helped me make my yoga practice stronger by strengthening my core and making me more flexible. Poses I couldn’t do before, I can NOW! And not to mention the amazing team at Studio 6 Fitness!

Karen Foster, Studio 6 Fitness Client  

Karen Foster

Pilates at Studio 6 Fitness is exactly what I have been looking for in a workout. I had never taken Pilates and started taking classes four to five days a week last March. In just two or three months I have seen an incredible change in my core strength, energy and overall physical condition. Your instructors are fantastic – it’s like taking a private lesson in each class.

Kristen Atkinson, Studio 6 Fitness Client  

Kristen Atkinson

I have been attending classes since January.  I am thrilled with the changes in my body. I have much more strength, balance and endurance. Best of all, I have lost inches off my waste and become more toned. I’m hooked! My week isn’t complete without Pilates.

Krisztina Shields, Studio 6 Fitness Client  

Krisztina Shields

I finally found a workout routine that gives me a whole body workout in just 50 minutes. I find it challenging every day- a fun workout that made me stronger and a great start to my day at 6 a.m.! I like the studio as an overall experience. The workouts are great, the instructors are well-trained and prepared for the classes, and customer service is flawless. I would recommend Studio 6 Fitness to anyone who is up for a challenging exercise program. I know that they would enjoy the friendly but professional atmosphere, the variety of classes and the convenient location.

Liora Dickter, Studio 6 Fitness Client  

Liora Dickter

I love the workout because I am pumped and motivated after class. I definitely feel stronger in the abs. The best things about the studio are the great vibe, the unique workout, the customer service and the retail. Also, I love that I feel sore the next day! I would definitely recommend Studio 6 Fitness because you get toned and have fun!

Lisa Shaoul, Studio 6 Fitness Client  

Lisa Shaoul

I have benefited from the workout because of the toning and lengthening of muscles. Also it has flattened my core. The best things about it are that it's only a 50 minute workout with great teachers and good music. Also the studio has towels available and socks for rent or buy. I would absolutely recommend Studio 6 Fitness. I am so glad that it was the first thing that popped up when I googled Megaformer in Dallas.

Michelle Pacis, Studio 6 Fitness Client  

Michelle Pacis

I feel so much stronger now that I’ve started coming to Studio 6 Fitness. I can really tell the difference inside and out. The staff is the BEST! Everyone is so friendly . No “mean girls” here. It’s intimidating trying a new workout, but everyone is so welcoming. It really keeps me coming back. The Megaformer kicks my butt, and I love it. It’s great cardio and really tones your muscles. When it starts getting "easier," it also gets harder because you figure out where you need to improve. I love that it is low impact and great for all ages, shapes, and sizes.

Natalie Clarke, Miss Texas 2012  

Natalie Clarke - Miss Texas 2012

As a part of my preparation for the South of France, Studio 6 Fitness has helped me whip my body into perfect shape! Make sure to give them a visit! They have amazing instructors and top of the line equipment to get the job done.

Patrick Savage, Studio 6 Fitness Client  

Patrick Savage

I am 47 years old with two kiddos. With Megaformer Pilates, I noticed an immediate difference in the look of my body, my general well being, my sleep patterns, and my posture. Weight lifting was hurting my joints, especially my shoulders. Mega PILATES has fixed those problems. I am not a fitness buff; I work out so I can perform well with wakeboarding, surfing, snow skiing, backpacking, carve boarding, and the major gardening I love to do. I am simply amazed. I love the work out. It feels so great when I am done. It is difficult, but the rewards are tremendous. I will do this until I die. The staff is so helpful and assure a successful work out no matter what level you are. Progress becomes the theme. It was great as a beginner and has continued to be so at every class.

Samara Orr, Studio 6 Fitness Client  

Samara Orr

I am limited to how I work out due to a cognitional heart disease. This is the first workout I have found that gives me the intensity and burn without dangerously accelerating my heart rate. I feel stronger than ever and my back pain caused by my degenerative disc disease has dissipated. I love the Megaformer but also the amazing staff. It’s like a second home!

Tama Walley, Studio 6 Fitness Client  

Tama Walley

This workout has challenged me to reach deeper to discover my strength. Connecting to my inner strength helps me show up at my best. I enjoy the positive attitudes of everyone at Studio 6 Fitness. I feel welcome, happy & I get an amazing total body workout. I love the efficiency of it. I feel connected to my core strength, which spills over positively into all areas of my life.

Sandy Laber, Studio 6 Fitness Client  

Sandy Laber

I suffered from lower back pain for three years, despite working out three times a week. Once I incorporated this workout twice a week into my routine, my back pain gradually went away. I like that I can plan ahead and reserve a spot at a time that works for me.

Tama Walley, Studio 6 Fitness Client  

Tama Walley

This workout has challenged me to reach deeper to discover my strength. Connecting to my inner strength helps me show up at my best. I enjoy the positive attitudes of everyone at Studio 6 Fitness. I feel welcome, happy & I get an amazing total body workout. I love the efficiency of it. I feel connected to my core strength, which spills over positively into all areas of my life.

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