Frequently Asked Questions


What is Studio 6 Fitness? What does the 6 stand for?
Studio 6 is an independent fitness boutique specializing in offering high intensity with low impact workouts that fuse pilates, barre and yoga into an effective and efficient 50 minute full-body workout. As the only Lagree studio in Dallas, Studio 6 provides the signature workouts on the patented Megaformer. The 6 stands for the 6 core principles that are incorporated in each workout and every move: Core. Strength. Balance. Endurance. Flexibility. Spirit. After 6 sessions, you will feel the difference and love the results!
I’ve never tried pilates or workouts on the Megaformer™. How do I start?
At Studio 6 Fitness, we encourage clients to jump right in and take a class. Our Dallas classes are small, with no more than 14 people to ensure you will have personalized attention during your workout. The instructors are trained to provide modifications and variations for each exercise. New clients also have options to work with a trainer privately, as well as sign up for our Meet the Mega Workshop (90 minutes) and our weekly MegaLite classes that takes it down a notch and focuses on the basics of Lagree Method and Pilates principles on the Megaformer.
Is MegaPILATES different than traditional Pilates?
MEGA-YES! Our signature MegaPILATES class is a fusion of strength training, cardio and pilates performed on revolutionary, state-of-the-art Megaformer created by fitness guru Sebastien Lagree. It strengthens, tightens and tones the entire body quickly and safely, leaving the body lean, lithe and resistant to the stresses of everyday life. Traditional pilates has 6 classic principles (Centering, Concentration, Control, Precision, Breathe and Flow) but does not incorporate cardio or strength training with the Lagree Method on the Megaformer. Switch to Studio 6! You will love the Mega RESULTS!
I’ve never worked out before or recovering from an injury, will I be able to do a group class? Should I take a private?
Studio 6 workouts are a very efficient, safe and an effective way to burn fat and build lean muscle. With a new and innovative workout, we have first-timers in classes every day, so you won’t ever be alone. The group fitness classes are designed to be challenging and if you haven’t worked out in over six months, or ever… we recommend that you be able to hold a plank for 60 seconds or consider starting with MegaLite or a private training session. The private session with an instructor will focus on your form and offer you modifications and variations specific to fitness goals and needs. 
How often should I take classes?
The workout is designed to be challenging and work your body to muscle fatigue. Depending on your fitness level, rest and recovery days are important to build in to your workout. For best results clients come 3-4x per week. We highly recommend taking 2 days off a week to let your sore muscles rebuild. Rest days will help you achieve your MEGA results even faster.
Can my package/membership be used at multiple locations?
Yes! Your package can be used at any of our locations at no additional cost. Simply designate your preferred location in your account profile – the studio you will be using most often. Then log into your account and use the drop-down menu in the top right corner to select which studio you would like to book classes for. Enjoy!
I am extremely fit, will this work out challenge me?
MEGA Yes! The Megaformer incorporates 1000s of exercises and moves that work your muscles in new and challenging ways and by burning your slow-twitch muscles to fatigue, clients experience intense full-body results quickly and safely. Clients are encouraged to ask instructors before or after class to learn more tips on how to keep challenging yourself in the workouts. Privates and workshops are also available to understand the Megaformer better.
How many calories will I burn?
Clients will burn between 500 – 700 calories during a 50 minute class. With the focus on slow-twitch muscles, clients will continue to burn calories up to 6 hours post-workout.
Is there an age limit?
Yes. Minimum age to attend is 15 years old with a guardian or a signed waiver by a parent/guardian. You must be 18 years old to attend without an adult.
When should I arrive?
Please try to arrive 15 minutes before class starts, especially if it is your first time. We want to make sure you get a full breakdown of the machine, the studio and the workout. Your safety is important to us!
What should I bring (or not bring) to class?
Wear comfortable workout clothes. Bring your grip socks! They are required. Most clients wear workout leggings. We provide towels and a water fountain.
  • For safety reasons, we require that clients wear grip socks during sessions. They are available for purchase and rent at the studios. No shoes are needed for Studio 6 Fitness™ sessions, and shoes are not permitted on the machines.
  • We provide towels; you will break a sweat!
  • We have a water dispenser and small plastic cups, but some clients like to bring their own water bottle. For safety reasons, no glass bottles please.
  • Wear comfortable clothes you can easily move in, much like you would for a yoga class.
  • Jewelry is NOT a good idea.
  • No strong perfumes or body products as some clients are allergic.
  • We provide cubbies for your belongings during class
What is the cancellation policy?
You can change and cancel your reservations up to 12 hours prior to class without any fees. Due to limited number of spaces available, any late cancellations will be charged a Late Cancel fee of $15. If you do not Late Cancel and simply do not attend class a No Show Fee of $25 will be assessed. In our best effort to facilitate the waitlist and give our clients as much advance notification, we encourage members to cancel before the 12 hour window to allow waitlist clients notice to attend the classes.
Will my spot be given away if I am late?
Yes. Call us and notify us that you are coming and we will try to hold your spot for you up to maximum of 10 minutes. If we do not hear from your, we will release your spot after 5 minutes so that we can open it up to clients waiting for a spot. With limited spots in each class, it is very important to arrive on time so you can get your full 50 minute mega-workout!
How does the waitlist work for full classes?
We strongly recommend putting your name on the waitlist for a particular class! Not only will you have better luck getting into a class, it also helps us know where we need to add classes. Get on the list by clicking "Sign Up Now!" and choose the waitlist option. If a spot opens up, we will email/text you (depending on your contact preferences) to confirm your spot. Waitlists "close" 6 hours before a class start time so if you happen to be in the area, you can still swing by or call the studio to see if there is an opening.
What if I need to suspend my membership?
Suspensions only apply to clients on auto-renewal memberships. Memberships can be suspended from 1-6 months. One month suspension will incur a $25 fee. Suspensions lasting 2-6 months will be charged $10 for every month suspended, debiting on the auto-renewal date.