Trainer Spotlight - Meet Kristin



Kristin is one of our original “client turned trainer” Megaformer addicts. Kristin is a native Dallasite and teaches at our Park Lane and Lakewood studios, close to where she grew up. As a full time law student, Kristin relishes in the Studio 6 Community as a welcomed escape from her studies—teaching and taking classes alongside clients as much as possible. Check out her classes for an amazing workout with results to follow!

Where are you from originally: Right here—Dallas, Texas, born and raised!

Why do you love the Megaformer and the Lagree method: I came to the Megaformer from yoga and quickly recognized how effective the workout is for building core strength and increasing awareness of body alignment. While pilates workouts of all types are effective in that way, the Megaformer and Lagree method of Pilates is, in my opinion, the most effective and intense version of pilates, which pushes me each and every class to stick in a pose longer, build more strength, and increase endurance. In short, I’m addicted! 

What brought you to Studio 6: My mom! She knew Elizabeth (our studio owner) in another capacity and one day said, “There’s this new workout studio in town, I want to try it and I think you’d like it too… Come with me.” Little did she know how spot-on her sentiments would be. (Moms know best!) 

What is your favorite Megaformer move: Do I have to pick just one?! My favorites include Giant Reverse Trunk Curl, Runner’s Lunge + Mule Kick combo, Serve-the-Platter, Hug-a-Tree, Dancing Bear, . . . and the list goes on. 

Three things I cannot live without: My people, puppies, and passport! My people include my husband, Jamison, and our awesome community of family and friends; my puppies are Bear (a 10yo chocolate lab) and Dale (a 12 week old black pyrador); and my passport to travel the world!

My favorite post workout snack: Green smoothies, for sure. This would probably force me to list a fourth thing I can’t live without—my Nutribullet. I make weird, weird smoothies with all sorts of greens and vegetables and nutritional powders (protein, maca, spirulina, etc., etc.) and I love them. 

My biggest pet peeve: Self Centered-ness. 

My dream vacation: It’s hard to beat the 5+ week trip I just took to Scotland (for school, work, and play), end capped with a few days in Spain. But, I would love to spend more time along the Mediterranean—to see more of Italy and Spain, and to visit Southern France, Greece, Turkey, and more. Also high on my list are Iceland and New Zealand. 

My favorite thing to do when I am not at Studio 6: Host dinner parties and get-togethers at our house, to spend time with good people over good food and wine.

Three words to describe me: Spirited, Joyful, Approachable, Strong-willed (that fourth one my husband made me say). 

Unusual childhood memory: When my sister, who is 10 years my junior, was born early and I was away at overnight summer camp. I was very, very sad to not be there for her arrival, so some of my dearest childhood (and present day) friends threw me a party to lift my spirits. I specifically remember dancing on our cabin deck to Diana Ross’ song “Respect”—I am sure our 10yo dance moves were spectacular, and probably not that different from present day moves. That song is still one of my sentimental-favorites! 

Something most people don’t know about me: I think everyone knows that I am in law school and that I have a former career in the wine industry? So something new . . . I want to practice Food and Beverage/Wine Law upon graduation. Any advice on that front is super welcomed. 

My personal fitness advice: Do what you enjoy! When it comes to living an active lifestyle, I’ve tried everything from being a gym rat to habitually running to hot yoga and more. Pick what you enjoy—based on community, sweat-factor, location convenience, whatever. You’re more likely to keep up an active habit if it’s more enjoyable than it is just another item on your to-do list.




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