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This class is taught by:

Marshall Dye

After 20 years at a desk job and having 3 adorable kiddos, Marshall found the Lagree method and was amazed to awaken muscles she forgot she had. She was immediately won over by the efficiency and effectiveness of the method and the challenges it presents to participants of all fitness levels. Inspired by knowledgeable and caring teachers and a desire help others improve their functional fitness and strength, Marshall decided to become a trainer. When she’s not teaching, you can find her working at her desk, with her family, volunteering, or catching a class at Studio 6.

Deirdre Deignan

Deirdre has over 20 years of experience in healthcare and fitness, and is a firm believer in Pilates based exercises, becoming first certified in 2003 while working as a Physical Therapist in London, England. There she saw the benefits of core stabilization exercises in all ages and in all types of people. She loved seeing her clients achieve their goal and reach their potential from working these key muscle groups. Deirdre first jumped on a Megaformer at Studio 6 in 2014 and instantly fell in love with the Lagree workout and principles of Studio 6. When not working out or teaching at Studio 6, Deirdre is kept busy with her two hockey-loving sons, working as a Physical Therapist and traveling with her family.

Jackie Glazer

A local Dallas girl, Jackie is thrilled to be teaching at Studio 6 Fitness. It was while attending The University of Texas at Austin that she found her passion for the Megaformer. Jackie loves that she can get an incredible strength workout while also getting in a good cardio and endurance session all at the same time! Jackie and her twin sister (who is also a Studio 6 trainer!) love spending their weekend mornings at Studio 6 together with their mom. As a dedicated client-turned-teacher, Jackie is sure to give you a good workout and tell you exactly where you’ll be feeling it! She decided to become a teacher after seeing the bond that so many of her teachers had with their clients - so she can’t wait to get to know all of you. Her main goal when teaching is to make sure all clients, regardless of their familiarity with the machine, get a tough and fun workout!

Jasmine Mohammad

A Dallas native, Jasmine took her first Lagree class while earning her degree in Exercise Science from the University of Texas. She was instantly hooked and soon enough the Megaformer became her favorite study break. She loves how the workout challenges you both physically and mentally and wants to share this love with others. Growing up, Jasmine was a competitive volleyball player, competing at a national level. Jasmine is currently pursuing a career in Physical Therapy and loves to incorporate injury prevention in all of her classes. Outside of the studio she can be found playing with her nieces and nephew, discovering new restaurants, or re-watching episodes of Friends. 

Sarah Westbrook

Sarah is a California native who found her way to Dallas after graduating with her Master’s degree in Sports Administration from Grambling State University. As a former Division 1 college pole vaulter, former gymnast, and former soccer player, Sarah has always had a passion for motivating athletes and helping others to become the best version of themselves. Sarah has experience coaching college athletic teams and creating fun, safe, and effective group fitness classes for all fitness levels. Studio 6 Fitness soon became the perfect outlet for Sarah to utilize her strengths as an instructor and to passionately help others achieve their fitness goals. Now, Sarah enjoys participating in classes regularly and showing other what she’s learned from her training to be a Studio 6 Fitness instructor. You can expect to be have fun and experience the best 50-minute fitness party when you come to one of Sarah’s classes. 

Amy Teter

Amy has over 10 years of experience in the fitness industry. She is a Pilates Method Alliance Certified Pilates Instructor and a Teacher Trainer for Pilates Academy International. Amy also holds certifications in Core Barre, TRX, Core Suspend and Active Isolated Stretching. Last December Amy started splitting her time between Charleston, WV (where she owns Centered—a Pilates, Barre and Suspension Training studio) and Dallas. After her very first class at Studio 6, Amy knew that Lagree was the missing element in her personal fitness journey. She is thrilled to join the Studio 6 Fitness team and bring her focus on form and fun to all. The only thing Amy loves more than teaching is spending time with her 7-year old son.

Robin Radelat

Growing up in New Orleans, Robin was a competitive gymnast. Her love of health and fitness has transferred over to her adult life. She enjoyed a variety of workouts over the years, but when she found the Lagree Method through Studio 6 Fitness, she was hooked. She loves the high intensity, low impact workout and it’s results.
Robin is also a certified Barre instructor and is passionate about working on her own personal fitness journey.
She also enjoys spending time with her family, watching her two boys play sports and traveling.

Jade Thurman

A Dallas native with Californian roots, Jade’s love for Lagree Fitness and the Megaformer was instant! Juggling her career as an elementary school teacher, son, and life itself, finding time to exercise became a thing of the past until she walked into Studio 6 Fitness, summer of 2017.
After taking her first class, she knew she had to make time for her new-found love and passion to prioritize her health in her weekly routine. Over the course of the next year, she began to take classes and started exercising again, finding her stride and happy place. As she began her fitness journey, she started to notice the fast changes her body began to make and wanted to share this with everyone she knew. The more she introduced the Lagree Method to her family and friends, the more she desired to pursue it as a career. As she still inspires the minds of young students, she is also wanting to inspire the minds of everyone who walks into her classes. She hopes her clients leave each class feeling stronger, happier, and more motivated than when they entered! In her free time, Jade loves to spend time with her son, travel, and take spin classes. She also loves a good brunch on Sunday and spending time with friends.

Michael Basinger

Michael hails from Rockwall, Texas. He grew up around his family's restaurant business and started working there in the 7th grade, where he developed a passion for all kinds of cuisine (dangerous passion!). Fortunately, he also has a love of physical fitness and clean eating (most of the time). A devoted foodie and running addict you’ll frequently find him running by White Rock Lake or taking on another half marathon. He was overwhelmed when he was introduced to Lagree through his sister who lives and teaches the method in Los Angeles. He was thrilled to discover that he had a Lagree studio in his own backyard at Studio 6 Fitness. He loves the many different challenges always offered in class and is determined to instill that same love in his clients. Michael’s favorite move is Cobra. 

Ashley Hutchings

Ashley is a Century Club “client-turned-trainer”. She fell in love with the workout over 200 classes ago and is passionate about motivating other clients to achieve their fitness goals. Growing up running cross-country and track, Ashley completed numerous half marathons, but had never found a full body workout she could stick with long-term. When she became pregnant with her first child she wanted to take a break from running and find a challenging low impact work out to help her stay in shape. Studio 6 Fitness is just what she needed to stay strong during her pregnancy and she credits it to helping get her body back after her 1st baby and now twins! Aside from teaching and working out on the Megaformer, Ashley enjoys spending time with her husband and three boys.

Catarina Cejudo

Catarina is from Dallas and has been a client at Studio 6 for 5 years. She simply loves feeling strong and healthy. Our bodies need both strength and flexibility in order to function efficiently and effectively. Always looking to optimize her workouts, she discovered that Lagree Pilates is able to deliver this balance by combining slow and controlled movements with resistance on the megafomer. Her expertise in yoga, Pilates, running, HIIT training, and weight lifting make her classes a fun and rewarding challenge. Did we mention her playlist rocks?

Hannah Pujats

Hannah was born and raised in Dallas. She was hooked on the Megaformer from her very first class. Hannah started using the Lagree Method to supplement her rowing team workouts. After only a few sessions she felt stronger and more balanced both on and off the water. Studio 6 Fitness's positive energy and her love of fitness pushed Hannah to seek the opportunity to replicate the support she received from Studio 6 trainers and staff to clients of her own. When Hannah is not working in the studio or taking a class with her mom and younger sister, she loves spending time with her family, friends, and three rescue dogs.

Kim Kirby

Kim is a small town country girl, who loved competing in all different sports growing up. She played collegiate basketball and turned to long distance running in college. Kim received her doctorate in pharmacy at Texas Tech, where she developed her love and understanding of the anatomy and physiology of the body. She has completed numerous marathons, including New York, Chicago, Marine Corp and still counting! After trying various forms of exercise programs to effectively train for marathons, she fell in love with the Megaformer. She is a certified comprehensive Pilates instructor and teaches Barre, TRX, Chair, Springboard, mat, Reformer & Megaformer. Her passion is the Megaformer, and she hopes to show others the complete body work out Studio 6 Fitness delivers.

Marta Ascenzo

A competitive tennis player ranked as high as #1 in junior tennis in Canada, Marta has always committed herself to a high level of fitness. After graduating from the University of Virginia on a tennis scholarship, she worked in finance before following her passion for health and wellness. Marta has been an exercise instructor teaching a variety of formats for the past decade, but she recently fell in love with Lagree after tearing her ACL playing tennis. Lagree offered the low impact but high intensity workout she needed for cross training and a quick recovery. Marta's class will leave you feeling challenged, uplifted, and dripping with sweat. She will push you, and you will still leave wanting more!

Dora Johannesen

Growing up in Canada, Dora competed in tennis throughout her childhood. She won the Canadian nationals at 13 and continued to stay within the top three in Canada throughout juniors years before she attained a full scholarship to play division 1 NCAA Tennis at the University of Virginia. She played all four years there with her identical twin sister Marta (fellow Studio 6 trainer). After graduating she realized her passion for fitness and now has over 15 years of experience in the fitness industry. She teaches a variety of different fitness classes and enjoys bringing fun and energy into the studio. She loves connecting, motivating, and helping people achieve their fitness goals. She fell in love with Lagree and the Megaformer when she needed something to help her stay healthy, strong, and injury free on the tennis courts. When not teaching, you can find Dora playing tennis and spending time with her two adorable girls and husband.

Shelby Sullivan

Born and raised in Dallas, Shelby has always been an athlete.  She played every sport growing up before focusing solely on volleyball.  She went on to play at Texas A&M University where she graduated from the PPA program with her Masters in Financial Management.  In 2018 she played volleyball professionally in Switzerland and the Philippines.  After her first class at Studio6, she was instantly hooked.  As an athlete with a passion of health and fitness she loves how challenging and fun the workout is.  She is excited to share this love and encourage clients to reach their goals! 
Expect a killer 50 minute full body workout on the patented Megaformer™  when you sign up for our FREE Mega Pilates Community Class.  Please join us as we welcome our newest trainers to the schedule. Your feedback after class will be valued and appreciated!   
Our signature class utilizes the patented Megaformer™ to provide a total body, high-octane, muscle quivering workout that melds cardio, strength training and Pilates. You will gain endurance, improve flexibility and strengthen and tone your body in ways traditional exercises cannot. High-energy music carries you through the heart-pumping workout with results you’ll see and feel in 50 min.