DTown Sweat’s Review of Studio 6!

reformer-benchRegular Price: $15 Trial Intro Class | $99 6 Intro Sessions | $60 Private Intro Class | $149 One Month Unlimited Introductory | $30 1 Class | $150 6 Classes | $220 10 Classes | $380 20 Classes | $480 30 Classes | $1500 Annual Unlimited | $249 1 Month Unlimited | $199/Month 3 Month Unlimited | $169/Month 6 Month Unlimited | $129/Month 8 Classes Per Month
*Membership is valid at both studio locations

Studio Vibe: This studio is in a shopping center in North Dallas, and the crowd seemed to be mostly thirty-something moms. The studio is nice, but not fancy.
Appropriate Clothing: Tights, Tank Top or Dry Fit Shirt, Barre Socks (required)
*I recently realized that I do not like sticky socks with toes, but found these barre socks are A+. Get Sticky Be Socks, of your own here. Studio6 also had these socks available for purchase in their storefront.

Instructor: Kristin J
Type of Class: Pilates
Price Range: $$$$
Length of Class: 50 Minutes
Burn Level: High
Cardio Level: Low
Male/Female Ratio: 0 Men | 13 Women
Age Range: 25ish – 50ish
Participating Membership(s): ClassPass

ClassPass Dallas Studio Reviews

Other Locations: Park Lane – 8180 Park Lane, Suite 343 | Dallas, TX 75231
General Thoughts and Comments: Great Pilates class, suitable for any fitness and skill level! I’m definitely still feeling the workout a day later, and left wanting to try more Studio6 classes!

Class Structure

The class is all done on the reformer Pilates bench. I don’t know if that is the technical term, but you can see the “bench” below.

ClassPass Dallas Studio Reviews

The class started with outer thigh work, lying on our backs using the straps on our feet and circling our legs to pull the carriage back and forth – serious inner thigh shaking to start off the class. We also worked our outer thighs by standing sideways on the reformer bench, think of a skater, with one stabilizing leg on the stable plank, while the other leg pushes the carriage out and back. We continued to work on legs for the first 15 or so minutes, then moved to arms and abs.

One of the killer arm exercises we did was standing on the carriage, while using the straps to pull us out and back – think tricep curls, bicep curls, etc. We also got vertical on the bench, and did butterfly type moves, while still using the straps. Serious arm and shoulder work, people.

One of our final exercises was a side ab crunch off of the back of the bench. Definitely had to give myself a break a few times during this, but my obliques are feeling it today!

Other Thoughts: Similar to any time you are new to a studio, I would recommend getting to the studio at least 10 minutes early to sign the waiver, and get familiar with the machines, even if you have done other Pilates classes. Honestly, getting to a studio late or right on the dot when you are new is not ever a good call. There are small cubbies in the studio for personal belongings. The cubbies open, but you can see the cubbies during the class.

I was one of 3 or 4 new people, and Kristin gave us a quick run-down of the classes and bench setup a few minutes before we started. Kristin individually corrected students, and encouraged us to look at other long-time class-goers throughout the class. The front wall of the studio is also a mirror, which made it easy to check form against other students. I would recommend notifying your instructor if you are new if they don’t immediately notice you.

Anyone who completes 100 classes at Studio 6 becomes a member of the Century Club, and one fellow classmate became a member at the end of the class. She was super fit, which definitely seemed like a testament to the fact that this class does produce results.

D-Town Sweat Recommendation Worthy? Yes! This reformer will leave you sore, but not disappointed!


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