Instructor In Training: MOCK Mega PILATES

This class is taught by:

Linda Martinez

Linda started taking ballet at the age of 3. Over the course of 15 years she expanded to many disciplines of dance, including Mexican Folkloric, Flamenco, Tap, Jazz/Hip-Hop and Ballet.
A native Texan, Linda completed her Bachelors and Master degree in Dietetics at the University of Texas Health Science Center. With a true passion for wellness and proactive care, Linda enjoys developing wellness plans to help others reach their goals.
After graduation, Linda discovered Studio 6 Fitness and was instantly hooked. She fell in love with the Lagree Fitness Method™, and knew there was no workout experience like the Megaformer™! In the studio, Linda teaches a music-driven, athletic and challenging class that changes you mentally and physically.
On her off time, Linda loves to travel and spend time with her family and puppy, Reyna!

Catherine Harris

Catherine is a Dallas native whose original fitness passion was running. She discovered group fitness after a series of injuries caused her to seek out low-impact exercise options. While she continues to enjoy a wide variety of group fitness classes, she was so smitten with Studio 6 and the Lagree method that she decided to become an instructor!

Catherine works in the mental health field and has always been fascinated by the powerful effect of exercise on mood and well-being. She strives to offer fun and challenging classes that strengthen the body as well as the spirit.

In her free time, Catherine enjoys traveling, honing her Spanish skills, reading, and spending time with her husband Chance and two pups, Jack Bauer and Maeby Funke.

Jean A

Born and raised in Dallas, Jean took a real interest in fitness and working out in her twenties as a preventative measure. Coming from a long line of diabetics, Jean looked to fitness to prevent a personal fate of being hospitalized in her thirties like much of her family.
Jean has been a Certified Personal Trainer since 2003 and has several specializations under her belt, including more traditional Pilates practices. Jean has done personal training in gym, clinical and personal settings, even hosting her own live streaming workouts through the internet. In 2012, she started her own wellness company called Generation Fitness that educates people in proper exercise, nutrition, popular trends and what to look for when hiring a personal trainer.
Jean fell in love with the Megaformer and the Lagree Method after finding the wear and tear on her body to be too much from traditional gym workouts. Jean’s belief in the importance of proper from is perfectly matched with Studio 6 Fitness workouts. When she is not in the studio inspiring clients, Jean is usually spending time with her daughter, jogging with their dogs, participating at school functions or gardening. Jean has a extensive background in the fitness industry, including certifications in the following, just to name a few.
International Sports Science Association, CPT National Academy of Sports Medicine, CPT Biomechanics of Resistance Training: The Cooper Aerobics Institute Lagree Fitness Method Certification

Studio 6 Trainer

We are working hard to find the right instructor for this class! Thank you for your patience!

Tom Edgar

Tom’s been teaching software for over 20 years. After decades of sitting behind a computer screen with zero physical activity, Tom had his fitness awakening in 2014. As a late bloomer, once he started moving, he quickly dropped 40 pounds and has been an avid fitness enthusiast ever since. With long walks, daily cardio, and weights, he transformed himself in his 50s! Yoga turned out to be something Tom excelled at and within a year, found himself being asked to be a substitute instructor. Helping fellow yogis through tough routines and hit the poses with correct form, he found helping students reach physical goals as rewarding as communicating tough ideas to students in the classroom. In 2016, Tom discovered the Megaformer™ and was immediately addicted. Yoga got pushed way back so there was more time to focus on the Megaformer and the Lagree method. He could not be more enthusiastic about becoming a Studio 6 Instructor!

When Tom isn't coaching on the Megaformer, he can be found taking as many Studio 6 Megaformer classes as he can fit into his schedule.

Ashley Rowell

Ashley is a fitness devotee who loves new and challenging workouts. She is passionate about Studio 6 Fitness & the Megaformer for it's intensity, emphasis on abdominals, and low impact movements. Her classes will challenge you, build strength and have you shaking to the core. Along with being a certified Lagree Fitness instructor, Ashley is also a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist. When she isn't coaching on the Megaformer, you can find her running on the Katy trail or throwing the Frisbe for her dog, Fennel.

Haylee Durbin

Born and raised in Dallas, Haylee has been in the performing arts and fitness worlds as a competitive dancer all of her life. While studying theatre and dance at The University of Texas at Austin, she fell in love with the theory and practice of pilates. After graduating and traveling the world dancing, she returned to Dallas where she found Studio 6. Haylee took one Megaformer class and was hooked! She found the Lagree Method to be the perfect workout to complement her dance training and get her the results she wanted without the strain on her joints. Her new found passion for health and fitness combined with her bubbly personality keep her clients motivated and ready for more!

Jason Mitchell

Sports and fitness have been integral part of Jason’s life, from an early age he was a competitive swimmer and parlayed that into 6 years of being a certified swim instructor and lifeguard, throughout high school and college. He grew up in New Mexico and during the winters was also a snow ski instructor. During college he began an avid running career, averaging 20 - 30 miles a week, progressing to half marathons, then on to competing in triathlons. As a remedy for the aches, pains, and tightness that was associated with running and triathlon training, he started an aggressive yoga practice A broken femur ended his running and triathlon career. His personal trainer introduced him to Studio 6 as a rehab and pre-hab, preventing injury, during of their intensive HIIT training program and he has been hooked ever since. In his word, ‘The Megaformer is exactly what I needed, intensity without injury."

Anna Terry

Anna has her BFA in Radio-TV-Film specializing in Broadcast Journalism and was a competitive dancer on her college dance team. This led her into teaching Group Fitness for over 22 years now, specializing in HIIT, HIRT (High Intensity Resistance Training), Kickboxing and Lagree Pilates. Additionally, Anna is a former marathoner and certified Run Coach and trained people to run everything from 5K's to marathons and managed her own Run Club. Anna is certified through AFAA and Lagree Pilates. She has been married 20 years to her best friend, Todd, and they have two great boys- Austin and Conner.

Chelsea T

An Austin native and group fitness fanatic, Chelsea has done all types of group fitness including yoga, interval training, and Pilates. After moving to the Dallas area and working as an elementary school teacher, she found Studio 6 Fitness and became hooked after taking her very first class on the Megaformer. When she is not teaching elementary school or working out, she enjoys doing any outdoor activity from rock climbing to hiking to kayaking.

Kalyn Potter

Kalyn is a yogi with a passion for hardcore workouts. Her captive interest in the fitness industry and love of movement led her to pursue a degree in Health and Wellness from TCU. Shortly after graduating she landed in Dallas to become a personal trainer. Since then, she has fallen in love with the practice and mindfulness of yoga and has been teaching since 2014. She continued to grow her body of knowledge by adding a Masters in Nutrition and most recently, learning the science behind the Lagree method! Her newfound passion for the Megaformer at Studio 6 Fitness has given her the strength necessary to further amplify her yoga practice and other fitness pursuits. Her favorite Megaformer exercise is the Side Kick due to it’s strength training and endurance building benefits. Outside of the fitness and wellness world, Kalyn loves to travel with a goal of visiting 2 new countries per year!

Sydney Schmidt

Growing up in East Texas, Sydney participated in everything from gymnastics and cheerleading to basketball before leaving for the big city to pursue a degree in Kinesiology from the University of Houston. While in Houston, Sydney took her first group fitness class and was hooked. This lead her to becoming a certified yoga teacher. When she moved to Dallas and discovered Studio 6 Fitness, she immediately fell in love with the workout and saw the many benefits and improvements it added to her yoga practice. When not at the studio, you can find her on her yoga mat, riding bikes with her husband, Matthew, and playing with her two pups, Bubba and Riley!
50 minutes of your favorite Mega PILATES class! Come support our instructor in training as they teach their mock class! Expect a full body muscle quivering workout!   Please schedule a few minutes after the workout to share your feedback with the Trainee.  Your feedback is valuable.